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Deacon Speakin'

Jan 17, 2021

It’s so very hard sometimes to find God in the colorless and the gloomy or in the bleak and wintery. We tend to want to thank God in the sunshine and plead to him in the rain. We dance and we sing in the warm of summer and try our best to survive the winters.

Jan 10, 2021

The whittle marks are the flattened spaces where wood is shaved to make the particular shape and features; the edges that give it a characteristic unique to the style. They are the little imperfections that are left by the craftsman and are not easily replicated by any other method. They are what makes the piece of wood...

Jan 3, 2021

Season 3 Episode 101

If only we knew what awaits us, we could be so much better prepared and ready, right? Maybe if we knew what to expect, we could avoid some terribly awful mistakes and save ourselves some heartbreak! I’ll pause right here and let you take that in for a second…

Dec 27, 2020

Episode 100!

So where do we take it in 2021? Once a vaccine settles the dust and gives us possibly a life beyond lockdown; what do we do with these opportunities? We have no doubt formed some new habits with our families throughout the year. Do we go back to those pre-Covid habits

Dec 24, 2020

One Christmas in 1980 we made homemade cookies to give my Grandma who lived across the pasture from us. None of us could have imagined her reaction when we handed her the box...