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Deacon Speakin'

Apr 26, 2020

What was your magnificence as a child and what is it now? In these days of quarantine and solitude, there is an opportunity to revisit that child who did not care what others thought of him or her; that child was curious and interested. There is a chance to be curious and interested today.

Apr 19, 2020

One is not steered off the path to righteousness in an abrupt 90 degree angle, but he is gradually veered in tiny nudges that result in the desired direction. Most times, we are oblivious to the nudges, or if we recognize them we quickly rank them as harmless and not threatening to anything obvious.

Apr 12, 2020

We will gather and celebrate…virtually. We will stream our worship in safety…we will ache individually...we will pain as a congregation for the comfort of our churches as we ask ourselves – what happened?

Apr 5, 2020

We feel like we are somehow cheated that we will not have that opportunity to jockey for a seat at church on Easter morning. We feel removed from the chance to celebrate together, strangers and friends, in God’s house with God’s people. And it hurts.